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My 96' Chevy Blazer in the forefront with the lighted State Capitol behind the evening I got my camera phone for the first time in December 2004

INNER CITY: Growing-up in the east of St. Paul's public schools in the Battle Creek neighborhood, I (Sal) attended many culturally diverse programs and events. I remember in Battle Cree Elementary (Environmental Magnet), our first grade teacher�s husband dressed in a �kilt� (eg. mini-skirt) to show the Scottish outwear during a performance of many ethnic-cultures represented in our school. Then in Battle Creek Junior High-Middle school, we had to do some dance from our ethnic background and performed it in front of the whole school assembly (I remember some of my classmates and I performed the famous Filipino Tininkling (sp?) dance, which I was somewhat familiar). In gym class, dancing was part of the academic genda, which I learned how to dance polka and some other ethnic dances that I can�t remember to this day. Then in Harding Senior High School, we had a cultural fair (eg. Festival of Nations held annualy in St. Paul), which I was able to do a Philippine booth with some of my Filipino-American peers/friends and cook some lumpia (Filipino egg-rolls)....more

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South view of Downtown St. Paul from U.S. Bank

East-Side View of Downtown from Mounds Park by Hwy 94

Mississippi River at Indian Mounds Park

"A view of the Mississippi River as it curves to the south at the edge of downtown St. Paul MN. Taken from Indian Mounds Park at two different months of the year, October and December 2005"

Tour de St. Paul

Saint Paul Time Lapse Drive

"Driving through the historic main streets of Saint Paul Minnesota."

I gave a tour to some UMM/Morris friends of my hometown on the July 4th weekend of 2005, which we visited some cool places (e.g. Korean Restaurant on Snelling Ave, Latino/Chicano West Side District, Rosedale Mall, etc.......

Como Park- Conservatory

Ge, Gina, Sachiko, and Jose in front of "newly built" visitor entrance of the conservatory. We just finished a long walk after attending the 26th Annual Hmong Soccer Tournament. Our main mission was to visit the Japanese Garden.

State Capitol

Ge, Sachiko, Gina, and Jose chilling at the front steps of the State Capitol

We waited about an hour and a half for the fireworks that were being shot up for the Annual Taste of Minnesota

Tour of St. Paul with a Couple from Bulgaria on December 2006

St. Paul Cathedral (Catholic)

Above are pictures from inside during a 10am mass on Sunday, December 10th with friends from Bulgaria and my mom (Dad and Uncle Totoy happened to be there too when we came to visit towards the end of mass around 10:40am)

Beautiful view facing east towards downtown St. Paul


Mears Park with my Aunt Lita and Mom on July 2007

We (Mom and Aunt Lita from the Philippineswere hoping to checkout the weekly "Music in the Parks" (during the summer only), but somehow they postponed this event....

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  • SAL'S TIPS FOR SEEKERS AT St. Paul, Minnesota:

    What Would Jesus Do?




    atch Television/Listen to the Radio

    ABC Channel 5 on Sundays @ 8a.m. & KTCI-Ch. 23 on Saturdays @ 11pm
    -If not able to make it to church, check this church service out!

    KPXM-TV41 "Praise T.V." @ 11p.m.-4a.m. Channel 41
    -check out cool christian music videos

    Odyssey Ch.13
    -24hr cable christian channel

    Family Channel Ch.27

    Listen to 95.3 F.M., 98.5 F.M., 95.9 F.M., and 900 A.M.-Cities)
    -Yes, these is a Christian station
    -This is something nice to listen to when you are just tired of the negativity we hear a lot in this world
    -Need someone to talk to about God: Call 1-800-NEED-HIM


    oin a Church

    -serving the various needs of the christian community:


  • -Saint Paul African Union Methodist Protestant Church
  • Holding Forth the Word of Life
    2029 W. Broadway
    Minneapolis, MN 55411

  • -Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church-St. Paul, MN
  • Asian/Asian-American

    Chinese American

    Chinese Christian Church-Twin Cities
    1795 Eustis St. Laud
    St. Paul, MN 55113

    Chinese Evangelical Free Church
    707 10th Ave. S.
    Minneapolis, MN 55415

    Filipino American Christian Church
    Rev. Sanny Olojan
    2025 Skillman Ave. W.
    Roseville, MN
    (651) 631-0211 Ext. 4

    Japanese Fellowship Church
    4217 Bloomington Ave.
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

    Korean United Methodist
    701 - 8th Avenue NW
    New Brighton, MN 55112
    Telephone: 651-633-2434

    Vietnamese American Community Church
    420 N. Roy St.
    (651) 917-9767

    Hispanic American

    La Luz Del Mundo (Light of the World Church)
    502 E. 1st Ave.
    Shakoppe, MN 55379

    Cristo El Redentor Luterana LC-MS
    784 Jackson & E. Sycamore 651-291-2757

    Iglesia Defensores De La Fe Christianan [Pentecos]t
    608 Smith Ave. S.
    St. Paul, MN
    (651) 224-1680

    Templo De Fe
    1114 Payne Ave.
    St. Paul, MN
    Sundays @10:30a
    (651) 778-0096


    -Bethany Christian Fellowship
    1466 Portland Avenue
    St. Paul, MN
    Sunday @ 10a.m.


    Kehilat Sar Shalom
    1901 Ford Pky
    St. Paul, MN 55116
    (651) 645-3875

    Shalom Scripture Studies Inc.
    6524 Walker St.
    St. Louis Park, MN 55426


    Woodland Hills Church
    my local home church when visiting my family once a month in St. Paul
    Open Door Evangelistic World Ministries Headquarters, 615 East 28th St. in Minneapolis.
    Gatherings will feature local ministers and talent. Call 612-879-9099. Also, special dedication ceremony at 1p.m. on the 18th. Open Door has been ministering to the needs of the Phillips Community for the past 14 years. "Come celebrate this new facility that will enable us to more effectively evangelize and provide many vital community services."


    -Bethany Christian Fellowship
    1466 Portland Avenue
    St. Paul, MN
    Sunday @ 10a.m.


  • list of others
  • -Woodland Hills Church (see personal page)


    edicate time to read the Bible

    Northwestern Book Store
    (Located in Har Mar Mall in Roseville on Snelling and Hwy 36
    -Yes, there is a mall in this town and it has some awesome Christian book material

    -I encourage you all to join some kind of Bible Study group that helped me in my continuous relat. w/Jesus

    Recommended Resources

    St. Paul's Winter Carnival Ice Palace 1992-Harriet Island-downtown St. Paul

    View Winter Ice Palaces

    Annual Events

  • 2009 Dragon Festival

  • ".... at Phalen Lake Park, St. Paul, showcase cultural heritage of the local Asian Pacific Islander communities, it also will include cooking demonstrations of Asian street foods on Saturday, July 11, and special make-up tips sessions for Asian women on Sunday, July 12!
    The annual two-day family-oriented Dragon Festival kicks off at 10 a.m. on July 11. The event’s all-volunteer planning committee is proud to promote the 2,400-yr-old tradition and sport of dragon boat racing. There also will be colorful displays of cultural heritage and performances in an effort to increase cross-cultural understanding. The year-round planning will result in a weekend of exciting festivities featuring:... "

    *see Asian- Chinese of China
  • Music at Meers Park, from St Paul After Hours
  • St. Patricks Day Parade
  • Taste of Minnesota, personal photo gallery from 2007

  • Taste of MN Fireworks at MoundsPark (July 4th 2011)

  • Winter Carnival, personal photo gallery from 2007
  • Bible


    -Amusement Parks

  • Como Town
  • Downtown

    -Boat Rides

  • River Rides

  • Boards: 1:45 pm Harriet Island, STP Departs: 2:00 pm Disembarks: 3:30 pm Harriet Island, STP Adults 3 8.00 24.00
    Come Aboard!! Padelford Riverboats St Paul MN

    "The greatest river in the world enjoyed by the greatest riverboats in the world. Padelford Packet Boat company located on Harriet Island in St Paul Minesota."


    Downtown St. Paul Riverfront (June 4th 2011)

    -Riverfront View

    Makeover coming for St. Paul riverfront

    "St. Paul's riverfront could soon be getting a makeover and it is no doubt one of the city's jewels."


    * Social Issues: Needy, Poverty, Poor, etc...

  • Former Homeless Teen Wins Several Scholarships Published : Sunday, 13 Jun 2010, 9:19 PM CDT Tom Lyden / FOX 9 News

  • "SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Among the thousands of student who graduated from high school this week, there was one story that caught FOX 9’s attention. His name is Dionne Griffin. He is smart and gifted.
    A couple of years ago, he was also poor and homeless. His is a story of determination, a generous stranger and a choice that would change his life.
    There are moments and places that define us. For Dionne griffin, it's a curb along Victoria Street in St. Paul. At 15, Griffin was homeless, desperate and hungry.
    He was thinking about shoplifting from a Holiday Station around the corner on west Seventh Street. But at that moment, fate in the form of a middle aged woman came driving down Victoria Street.
    She said the right words at precisely the right time. She gave Griffin some money for food and told him to keep praying. He said that was an emotional turning point for him.
    Griffin had spent his early years in Chicago, with his parents and six siblings. The happy days did not last long. Their home was in foreclosure. Then the family split apart.
    Griffin's father and brother came to Minnesota to stay with relatives and relative strangers. But his life started moving in a different direction that day on the curb. Soon after the family had scraped together enough money to move into an apartment of their own, things were also turning around at school. Always a good student, Griffin became a great one. He rededicated himself to his studies at Humboldt High and earned a 4.1 grade point average.
    He found supportive teachers, like French teacher Madame Dianne Hopen, who saw untapped potential.
    "His brain is constantly tying things together not just from his course work also his life experience,” said Hopen.
    That experience would become an essay . That essay would help Griffin win the Horatio Alger scholarship. A few weeks ago, there was a trip to Washington, D.C. where he met other winners from around the country.
    Soon he won other scholarships. He won the Dell, the Wallin and a Kirby Pucket scholarship. He has earned a told of $72,000 for college.
    He said it all really began with $5 from a woman driving down the street. He'd never see her again.
    "I think it's a little bit magical, maybe she was an angel,” said Griffin. “I do believe in angels."
    He's working full time at Ecolab, repairing computers. This fall at the University of Minnesota, he'll be majoring in economics and finance...

    * Youth-Adolescents, High School, Teens, Teenagers, etc...

  • Jane Adams School, Augusburg

  • "..The school involves long-time community residents, Hmong, Latino, and East African refugee and immigrant adults and children, as well as students, faculty, and staff from nine Twin Cities colleges and universities. The non-bureaucratic and non-hierarchical structure of Jane Addams School breaks down barriers and instills confidence so that people can work together across language, culture, gender and age differences to address issues that impact their daily lives...
  • Jane Addams School for Democracy ,

  • " a community based education and action project based in Saint Paul 's West Side neighborhood. The school brings together immigrant families, college students, and other community members for mutual learning about citizenship and democracy. This learning takes the form of dialogue, public work, and education with the goal that people can work together across language, culture, gender and age differences to address issues that impact their everyday lives. The Jane Addams School is loosely based on the tradition of settlement houses from a century ago, and seeks to break down traditional model of social service to those in "need." The school was created as a community effort, where people come to work together as equals, learning from each other. ..


    Red Bull Flugtag - Minneapolis St Paul 2010

    "More than 90,000 people witnessed team Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies soar into victory and the record books when they flew 207 feet at Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities today. This historic flight smashed the previous Red Bull Flugtag world record of 195 feet, which had held strong for more than 10 years. "



    Flash Mob to End Hunger (St. Paul, MN) BremerBanks 8 videos Subscribe Alert iconSubscribed

    "Uploaded by BremerBanks on Jun 4, 2011 Help us end hunger! View NOW and Bremer Bank will donate $1 to Feeding America up to $10,000! Let's reach 10,000 views! If you make a donation today at Bremer Bank will also match it dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. Your $1 can become $2 and help provide 14 meals! "



    -Grocery Stores

  • Double Dragon Foods

  • 121 Maryland Avenue West, Saint Paul, MN 55117 (651) 488-9033 () ‎
  • Dragon Star Oriental Foods

  • (651) 488-2567 633 Minnehaha Ave W St Paul, MN 55104



    Great Moon Buffet , from
    (651) 554-0558 West St Paul 1200 Robert St S West St Paul, MN 55118
    Click N Print Savings


  • City of St. Paul
  • History

  • Wabasha Street Caves

  • Wabasha Street Caves - Historical Tour

    Wabasha Street Caves: Historic Caves Tour, from
    "Come hear and see the history of these sandstone caves. You will explore the original mined caves and see the finished caves (once a romantic night club called The Castle Royal). Hear the legends of the mobster massacres and ghostly lore in the most unique setting from Chicago to San Francisco.
    $6; free for children under 5
    (651) 292-1220 ...

    Wabasha Street Caves,
    215 Wabasha Street South
    Saint Paul, MN 55107

    Tel: (651) 224-1191
    Primary Contact: Donna Bremer
    Swing Dance at the Wabasha Street Caves.
    Dance Lesson: 6:15 PM
    Music: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    Cover: $7 (Cash Only)

    St. Paul - Wabasha Street Caves ,
    "St. Paul's limestone caves are haunted. The caves have been used since the 1840s for storing food, growing mushrooms, and mining silica. In 1933, the world's first underground nightclub, the Castle Royal, was opened inside one of the caves. The exquisite night spot featured a 1,600 square-foot dance floor and attracted a number of the country's most notorious gangsters.
    In 1934, witnesses saw three men gunned down in front of the fireplace in the Castle Royal, but by the time that police arrived the bodies were gone and the blood cleaned up. The only evidence was bullet holes in the fireplace, which can be seen to this day.

    The ghosts of Castle Royal include those murdered hoodlums, as well as the apparition of a man in a panama hat and a ghostly couple, a man and a woman, who materialize around 3:00 A.M. in the barroom.
    (St. Paul is east of Minneapolis on I-94. The entrance to the massive caves is located at 215 South Wabasha St. in downtown St. Paul. The barroom is in the central, finished cave.) Phone: 612-224-1191..

    *see Ghosts



  • IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park, Lake Phalen in St. Paul

  • " Lights $10 per vehicle Friday and Saturday and Holidays; $8.00 value nights Sunday through Thursday; Limousines/Passenger Vans/Mini Buses $15; ..."

    "IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park is back for its second year in Saint Pauls Phalen Park, opening November 24 and continuing through December 31. Last year's first annual holiday light display attracted more than 40,000 visitors in its first year, raising more than $50,000 for local charities."



  • Public Housing Wabasha Hi-Rise ,

  • Address 545 Wabasha Street North St. Paul, Minnesota 55102
    "Located in the downtown area of St. Paul, 545 N. Wabasha is a short distance from the State Capitol Building. Completed in 1969, the building has six floors and only 75 apartments. Wabasha offers two apartment styles, a spacious one bedroom plan and a very pleasant studio design. Special features include:..."


  • Seven Corners Hardware

  • 216 West 7th Street Saint Paul, MN 55102-2521
    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm CST Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm CST Phone & Fax: (651) 224-4859
    ".... was founded in 1933. We have been serving contractors, professional woodworkers, homeowners and hobbyists for over 70 years! We have a 10,000 square foot retail hardware store and two warehouses with over 60,000 square feet of storage. Our new online store contains over 15,000 items! Please click the above link to view our e-commerce section...."


  • Wikipedia

  • "In the early years, the settlers lived close to the fort along the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, but as a whiskey trade started to flourish, the military officers in Fort Snelling banned them from the lands the fort controlled, with one retired fur trader turned bootlegger, Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant particularly irritating the officials. By the early 1820s the area had become important as a trading center, a destination for settlers heading west, and was known as Pig's Eye Landing. In 1837, a treaty between Henry Schoolcraft and about 200 Dakota Indians displaced the natives from the site.[1] In 1841 Father Galtier established the Saint Paul Catholic Church and the name of the settlement was formally changed to Saint Paul in honor of the newly constructed church and Father Galtier's favorite saint.
    The next 10 years saw continued growth in the area and in response to that, the Minnesota Territory was formalized in 1849 with Saint Paul named as its capital. In 1850, the city narrowly survived a proposed law to move the capital to Saint Peter when territorial legislator, Joe Rolette disappeared with the approved bill.[3] In 1854, Saint Paul incorporated as a city and, in 1858, Minnesota was admitted to the union with Saint Paul becoming the 32nd state capital."


  • Saint Paul News Network

  • Twin Cities Free Market


  • Union Gospel Mission

  • Union Gospel Mission, Erik's Story

    "Erik found his pride in his musical abilities. After a 25 year struggle with drugs and alcohol, hear Erik's story of how he re-discovered Christ and found sobriety at the Christ Recovery Center with Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul, MN.
    Produced by Arleigh Hagberg, "

    *see Daily Social Issues & Life Challenges: Addictions, Alcohol, Depression, Drugs, Pornography, Racism, Temptations, etc...


  • Minnesota Historical Society
  • Science Museum of Minnesota, check out my own personal photo gallery
  • Twin City Model Railroad Museum

  • "Museum admission is $6.00. Admission for children under 5 is FREE. This includes admission to the new Toy Train Division next door in the Chimneys Building on Saturdays and Sundays. "
    Twin City Model Railroad Museum at Bandana Square

    *see Financial: Rail, Trains, etc....



  • Cissie Meets DecembeRadio on Stage, from

  • LECRAE Tears it Up at Rock The River

    "LECRAE performs 'Don't Waste Your Life' at Rock the River Minneapolis - St Paul "
  • RTR-MSP: FLAME rocking in Minneapolis, from


    "Allee shares some funa and obscure facts about teh Twin Cities, home of the 4th stop on teh Rock the River Tour. "
    Bringin' it to the Twin Cities!

    "It's going to be loud and crazy!, Rock the River Tour hits the Twin Cities Sunday, August 16th @ Harriet Island!"
  • Rock the River Tour in Minneapolis/ St. Paul, from

  • "Sunday, August 16 starting at 2:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. $10 at the Gate Children 10 and under free; Immediate Family of 3 or more - maximum $30.00 Gates open at 1 p.m. - Bring Lawn Chairs or Blankets"
  • Thousands gather for ‘Rock the River’ event Music, fun and salvation greeted the event’s 23,000 people by Scott Noble Published by Minnesota Christian Chronicle — September 2009

  • "ST. PAUL — Clouds periodically gathered, rain threatened and the wind was blustery, but that didn’t stop 23,000 people from converging on Harriet Island Regional Park in downtown St. Paul for “Rock the River” on August 16. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association-sponsored event brought together some of Christian music’s most popular bands, and also included several Gospel messages from the Rev. Franklin Graham throughout the event’s seven hours.
    The gates opened at 1:00 p.m. and by 2:30 p.m., the official start of the event, Harriet Island Regional Park was fast becoming packed. Even though the event was geared for youth, the crowd included families with young children, parents of teenagers and others interested in hearing musical groups: Kirk Franklin, Superchick, DecembeRadio, FLAME, Lecrae, Canton Jones—and the headliners for the event, Flyleaf.
    Each group played roughly a 30-minute set, followed by acts that performed while the stage was set-up for the next band or the Rev. Graham’s Gospel message.
    The band Superchick understood the challenge of trying to reach today’s youth for Christ. Tricia Brock, lead singer of the band, believes kids want authenticity. “The generation now, they want genuine,” she said. “They read through people putting on an act. They’d rather us be us. The kids are saying, ‘I want it to be real. I want to know that you’ve messed up, because I know that I’m going to mess up. We want real Christianity.’”
    Gospel message
    Three times during the seven-hour concert, the Rev. Graham stepped on stage and gave a Gospel presentation, not unlike the presentations that have become hallmarks of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).
    Before the first Gospel presentation, when asked what his prayer was when he got on stage, the Rev. Graham said, “That God would just use the message to touch the hearts of these kids. And the message I’m giving is not my message, it’s God’s message. That God would just use it to reach another generation.”
    At the end of the evening, 966 people responded to the invitation to commit their lives to Christ. Trained counselors waited at the front of the park as kids and adults made their way to the stage. Counselors also walked through the crowd, responding to those who could not make it to the front.
    Youth focus
    While the BGEA and the Rev. Graham have included youth nights and other similar outreaches in the past, “Rock the River” was a new effort to target America’s youth with the Gospel.
    For Dave Gibson, pastor of missions at Grace Church in Eden Prairie and member of the “Rock the River” finance committee, he believes reaching this current generation has many significant challenges. “I think we have a lost generation, a generation that’s in terrible distress, the Rev. Gibson said. “This is the future of our nation, the future of the church. We really need to reach this generation.”
    Rob Ketterling, lead pastor of River Valley Church in Apple Valley and also co-chair of the “Rock the River” executive committee, believes in many cases the church is starting from square one when it comes to reaching this generation. He says many kids today do not have a church background, which makes them even more difficult to reach.
    In talking about the youth, the Rev. Graham said, “For so many their lives are upside down and in a mess and they don’t even know why.”
    But that’s why the focus on music was such an important factor, the Rev. Ketterling believes. “The music brings down the walls,” he said, “and then it opens it up to the message. Music is their (America’s youth) message.”
    Culmination of four cities
    The “Rock the River” event in St. Paul was the final event in a four-city tour, which started in Baton Rouge and went up the Mississippi River to St. Louis and then the Quad Cities. In the end, more than 112,000 people attended the events in the four cities and 2,871 responded to the invitation to commit their lives to Christ.
    The Rev. Graham said, “I’m so excited we’ve had this opportunity to share the message of God’s love with all of these young people. It’s a chance to change thousands of young lives."

    Natural Disasters



  • Flooding May Force Evacuations In Lowertown, Upper Landing March 15, 2011 10:52 PM

  • "ST. PAUL (WCCO) – The flood prediction threat in the Minnesota and Mississippi River valleys is the worst it’s been in at least a decade.
    The City of St. Paul, Ramsey County and Washington County have all made State of Emergency declarations as they gear up for possible flooding.
    This week’s warm weather is melting the snow pack along the river fast. We always knew thawing would come. We just didn’t know how fast it would happen.
    "So this sponge is full, and when the snow melts, we’re going to add more water,” said Rick Larkin, the emergency management director for the City of St. Paul. "Well, really, it’s really close to a coin-flip for record flooding in St. Paul.”
    There's a sense of urgency for Larkin and other city managers.
    His emergency operations center is ready to handle the city’s response, with its multitude of cameras pointed at possible problem spots.
    There's more.
    "We are making sandbags. We are ordering pumps. We are ordering generators. We’re planning to build emergency levees,” he said.
    A clay levee will run along Shepard Road to protect Lowertown.
    It'll curve at the eastern end and be reinforced with sandbags.
    But more than 2,000 residents in Lowertown and the Upper Landing might have to evacuate for another reason.
    City officials are worried that the sewer system could actually back up and flood both areas.
    Storm sewers have never been tested by a large-scale flood.
    The city’s sending out a letter, urging residents to plan now for the potential dangers.
    "I do know this, it’s a lot easier for folks to plan before the water’s rising than when the water’s rising,” Larkin said.
    The city is also planning several emergency preparedness meetings in the next week.
    "I’m guessing they’ll get things under control. Otherwise I guess it’ll be a little bit of a bummer,” said Debbie Hinkland, who lives in Lowertown.
    There’s a 70-percent chance of major flooding along parts of the Mississippi.
    But it’ll be the coming days and weeks that will show just how accurate that prediction is."


    River Descending in Downtown St Paul's Raspberry Island Island April 2nd 10 '

    "The "Mighty" Mississippi River descending at Raspberry Island during the 2010 Spring Floods. This was taken over a week after it's peak on April 2nd 2010."
    Mississippi hits flood stage in St. Paul, MN , from

    Uploaded with






  • Land of 10,000 Stories: Divine transformation at University & Dale Written by Boyd Huppert 2:31 PM, Aug 1, 2011

  • "ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The Bible tells of a wedding where Jesus turned water into wine. As an evangelist at Bible Way Baptist Church, Phyllis Gilliam is a believer in divine transformations - like the one that's taken place just up the street.
    "No adult book stores or strip clubs or nothing," she proudly observes at the intersection of University Avenue and Dale Street.
    Gilliam isn't the only one who remembers when 'church' was the furthest thing from anyone's mind at the busy intersection.
    Pornography merchants began arriving in the 1970s. Before long they filled buildings on three corners with adult bookstores, the Belmont strip club and the Flick and the Faust adult theaters.
    "It was just like a cancer," says Nathaniel Khaliq, a community activist who went on to become president of the St. Paul Chapter of the NAACP. The adult-themed businesses were soon attracting drug dealers and prostitutes, "then moved into the residential areas," according to Khaliq. "It demoralized the neighborhood. Many of our young ladies were being accosted, solicited, insulted."
    A few doors down at Western Bank, then bank president Bill Sands remembers the johns lining up for prostitutes and police decoys. "Cars were three deep. There would be one car parked, there would be another car parked, and then there would be another car slowing down."
    Sands says the intersection developed a reputation even "among people who never, ever were here," driving legitimate businesses away.
    And into it all moved a single divorced mother of 12, "This beautiful, wonderful lady," smiles Gilliam as she reaches for a black and white photo of Sara Hunter, her mother.
    Hunter had moved her family from Kansas City to escape a troubled neighborhood. She found respite for a time in a big house on St. Anthony Avenue, separated by several blocks from University and Dale. "It seemed so peaceful and a loving place to be," said Gilliam about the family's early impressions of St. Paul.
    But the troubled corner was about to pay the new arrivals a visit.
    Gilliam still remembers the morning. She and her brothers and sisters awoke to crime scene tape and a body in a car. It was a john. He'd been stabbed. His car sat a few feet from their front door.
    "That changed everything," said Gilliam. Soon her mother was among the first people in the neighborhood to begin picketing in front of the adult businesses - with particular attention paid to the infamous Faust Theater. The protests would go on for years.
    "I was very slow to understand what the problem was," admits George Latimer, at the time St. Paul's mayor. Latimer believed the businesses had a right to exist under the protections of the first amendment. No one was forced to go inside, afterall.
    But he remembers being swayed by an elderly woman at a community meeting who pointed out that residents on Summit Avenue "'don't have to walk by that kind of activity every day, but I do.' That really got me," says Latimer.
    In 1989 the City of St. Paul purchased the Faust Theater for $1.8 million, with the understanding the owner would not relocate in the city. Latimer was part of a ceremonial funeral, complete with a pine box, to bury the ghost of pornography.
    Sara Hunter didn't live to see the demolition of the Faust or the closings of the Flick, the Belmont and all the book stores. She passed away of Leukemia in 1987 at the age of 50.
    Hunter also missed the opportunity to celebrate the developments that took their places. At the corner where the Faust once stood, children now check out books and navigate computers at the Rondo Community Outreach Library.
    Just across the intersection at the former site of the Belmont stands the brand new Frogtown Square, a collection of shops beneath a stately-designed senior housing complex.
    Khaliq says it's a tribute to neighbors like Hunter who picketed the adult businesses at the intersection. "A lot of those folks that were involved have gone on to the Promised Land and I know they're looking down on us and smiling."
    Count among them Sara Hunter - the mother of the owner of the neighborhood's newest boutique: Sunday's Best. In a sweet bit of irony, Phyllis Gilliam now sells church clothes on the same corner where her mother protested the merchants of pornography.
    "I think it's predestined, preordained for me to be here," says Gilliam.
    In the story told in the Bible, turning water into wine took but a moment. But at the intersection of University and Dale, Phyllis Gilliam has been tracking her miracle for 35 years.
    (Copyright 2011 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.) "

    Driving Grand Avenue ~ St Paul, MN

    Cafe Latte



    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}



  • 2008 Republican Convention, at Xcel Energy Center

  • Wikipedia
    "Four cities made bids to the Republican National Committee for proposals to host the 2008 Convention. Those cities were Cleveland, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, New York City, and Tampa-St. Petersburg. The RNC Selection Committee made its recommendation for Minneapolis-Saint Paul and on September 27, 2006, the RNC made its decision public that the 2008 National Convention would be held in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota.[1] The RNC made their decision earlier than originally scheduled due to the fact the Democratic National Committee also had Minneapolis-Saint Paul as a finalist among bidding cities. (After the RNC's selection the DNC removed Minneapolis-Saint Paul from consideration which left only two cities to choose from, New York City and Denver, Colorado). This is the second time the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area is holding the Republican convention�the first one was held in 1892."


    God of this City

    "Lyric Video'






    St. Paul Saints Baseball Promo - Version 1

    "This is the first of three promos I created to highlight our playback of Saint Paul Saints Baseball on CTV's flagship channel 15. This initial version was created out of past Saints Baseball footage and a green-screen portion in the studio. "
    Ball Park Fans & Friends, plan for a "new" ball park in downtown!!
    Toyota Baseball-Photos

    Wichita Wingnuts (2) at St. Paul Saints (4) July 08 - 7:05 PM


  • Red Bull Crashed Ice crashing downtown St. Paul 4:46 PM, Jan 12, 2012

  • "ST. PAUL, Minn. - Practice runs are underway Thursday morning in St. Paul for Red Bull's Crashed Ice.
    Sky 11 hovered the refrigerated and ice-covered track while competitors took turns practicing one section at a time. "Crashed Ice" is proving to be a good name for the event as racers, going one at a time, are having difficulty staying on their feet. Thursday morning on KARE 11 Sunrise, reporter Bryan Piatt got to test out the track which starts alongside the Cathedral of St. Paul and ends about 400 meters downhill. He called the experience incredible. "You can't appreciate the track until you see it up close," Piatt said. Competition begins Thursday afternoon with the National Shootout where a field of 100 American skaters will be pared down to 64. Racing begins at 1:30 p.m. On Friday, 75 more racers will take part in the International Shootout, beginning at 12:45 p.m. Saturday night's final round starts at 7 p.m. Gates open at 4 p.m. and admission is free. (Copyright 2012 KARE. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) "



  • Como Zoo Conservatory
  • I Love St. Paul, events and Linus Blankets
  • St. Paul City Guide
  • Dean Oman's Trip to 7 Continents, a Minnesota connection
  • River Rides, $12/passenger for 2004 River Excursion in downtown St. Paul
  • -Miscellaneous
  • Vitrual Travel Maps-Downtown St. Paul
  • Welcome to St. Paul
  • Shopping

  • Maplewood Mall
  • Twin Cities


  • Holman Field

  • Landing at St. Paul Downtown Holman Field (STP)

    "Landing at St. Paul Downtown Holman Field on Oct. 13th, 2007"



  • Flood Cam 2010, from
  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA


    101 Ways to Change the World for Animals
    "Whose heart doesn't soften at the sight of a kitten, puppy or foal? We're instinctively drawn to a nest of chirping chicks, ducklings paddling madly after their mother, or a tiny chimp clinging to a parent. This book is dedicated to animals - wild and domesticated. Our lives are richer because of them. They deserve our respect and protection. Although we barely scratch the surface in this little book, we hope it will inspire your awareness and support of those organizations who are working tirelessly on behalf of the animals in our world."
    *With God's help!

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