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  • Napa Auto Parts

  • 1907 Suburban Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55119-7003 Get directions (651) 778-8200
  • O' Reilly Auto Parts

  • 1920 Suburban Avenue, Saint Paul, MN (651) 738-0661


    -Kite Flying


  • Eastside St Paul Memories n More ,
  • Businesses

    -Suburban Avenue


    *see Bible

  • Churches in St Paul,

  • St. Pascals Baylon

  • "1757 Conway Street St. Paul, MN 55106 651-774-1585"



  • Sun Ray Public Library, 2105 Wilson Avenue St. Paul, MN 55119 651-501-6300
  • -Schools

    Battle Creek Magnet School

    "A video project by the 6th graders at Battle Creek Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota."




  • Ho Ho Gourmet

  • "1985 Old Hudson Rd., St. Paul, MN 55119 651.731.0316 • 651.731.0324
    Dine In • Take Out
    Open Seven Days a Week
    Sunday thru Thursday
    11:00 am to 9:00 pm
    Friday and Saturday
    11:00 am to 10:00 pm

  • Tea House, several locations in the Twin Cities

  • St. Paul: 1676 Suburban Ave. St.Paul, MN 55106 Tel: (651) 771-1790


  • Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies: ST PAUL,

  • 310 White Bear Ave St. Paul, MN 55106 651-738-6992
    *highly recommend the "Chicken Florentine" (Spinach) "Deep Dish" pizza

    Housing McKnight Village Apartments 1 Bedroom in Saint Paul, MN

    "St. Paul Apartments - View Property Details on 1 Bedroom McKnight Village Apartments 177 N. McKnight Rd. Saint Paul MN 55119 Please call the McKnight Village Apartments leasing office for directions. Welcome to McKnight Village Apartments! Convenient location, next to Battle Creek Park with old world charm. These apartments are very spacious with generous walk-in closets, extra storage, and balconies. Garages are also available. The clubhouse has a state-of-the-art fitness center, a sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court, and a billiards room. Rest assured, because we have an on-site professional management team available 24/7. McKnight Village offers you an ideal retreat from the hustle of the busy work day with convenient access to the necessities of today's urban life. Welcome to McKnight Village Apartments! Greater St. Paul Not Applicable 12 Months"


  • Neighborhoods of Saint Paul From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "Battle Creek
    A neighborhood on the southeast side of the city, overlooking the Mississippi River and Downtown Saint Paul. Traditionally a bedroom community for 3M.[..



  • Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center,

  • "2401 Upper Afton Road, Maplewood MN, 55119 (map it) 651.501.6340"
    "Hours June 12 - August 22, 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (*twilight 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.)
    $6.50 Adults and Children
    FREE under 12 months
    *$4.50 Twilight

    Battle Creek Waterworks,
    "Battle Creek Waterworks features a shallow water pool with interactive play equipment, a separate activity pool, a three-story slide, a sand play area, and a sun bathing area. Kids ages 10 and under must be accompanied; children under age three must wear swim diapers. No food or beverages may be brought in; concessions and vending machines are available on-site."



  • Ponds At Battle Creek, official site

  • 601 Century Avenue South Maplewood, MN 55119 (651) 501-6321
  • The Ponds At Battle Creek, from

  • Book your online golf tee time now !,


    Battle Creek Indian Mounds

    Singletrack Review Battle Creek

    "Took a late fall ride at Battle Creek in Minnesota. The segments of singletrack are nice but there are too many cross country trails strewn around and between the good stuff. If you're going to go, make sure to pick up a map."



    {Photos by}

    T-storm Time Span: Shell Clouds to Rainbow in St. Paul, MN (July 1s 2011)

    Related Sites:
    Girl, 11, crushed to death by falling tree while camping with her family as storms sweep through the Midwest,By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 7:03 AM on 3rd July 2011
    "A fierce thunderstorm swept through a rural Wisconsin county that was packed with holiday campers, toppling trees that killed an 11-year-old girl, blowing ashore boats and injuring more than three dozen people, officials said Saturday.
    The storm moved across Minnesota and Wisconsin on Friday, packing winds up to 110 miles per hour and hail as large as softballs.
    In northern Wisconsin's Burnett County, at least 37 people went to hospitals after the storm toppled hundreds of trees and left several thousand utility customers without power. ....
    In Minnesota, a driver was injured when hail the size of a baseball hit a vehicle's windshield, said Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin. Roofs were torn away in several towns.
    McLeod County Emergency Management Director Kevin Mathews said: 'Some communities had multiple passes at this storm - including golfball-, baseball- and softball-sized hail'.
    Mr Mathews added that two tractor-trailers were blown off local highways.
    Two Minnesota state parks sustained tree damage so heavy that a conservation officer who was making sure no campers were in the area had to abandon his vehicle and hike through on foot, said Chris Niskanen of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
    Mr Niskanen urged people to stay out of Camden State Park and St. Croix State Park, which are technically closed because of the state's government shutdown but could still attract campers because they're public land.
    He cautioned that some trees may have fallen over but gotten hung up on other trees.
    Mr Niskanen said: 'It's an issue of health and safety. Since those parks are closed they don't have the personnel to go in and remove (the trees). People need to know there's a danger if they start wandering around'. ...



    2009 Christmas Winter Storm

  • Heavy Snow Moves into Southern Minn., Updated: 12/23/2009 5:31 PM |

  • "..A huge storm system that could dump more than 20 inches of snow on parts of Minnesota reached the southern part of the state Wednesday evening.
    5 EYEWITNESS NEWS meteorologist Dave Dahl said a winter storm warning, now in place, will continue into Friday with snow and blowing snow lasting into the weekend.
    The heaviest snowfall totals will likely be in central Minnesota, where up to 20 inches could accumulate by Christmas night.
    The Twin Cities could end up with ten to 14 inches of accumulation.."

    *we in the Twin Cities ended-up getting 8-10 inches
    Vivaldi's Winter and the Midwest Winter Christmas Storm 2009, from
    "This is footage of Christmas Eve 2009 in Mankato, MN, just after the 8-12 inches of snow hit the ground. It's set against Antonio Vivaldi's well-known work: The Four Seasons (IV. Winter). "
  • White Christmas Turns Into A Headache For Some, Dec 25, 2009 9:02 pm US/Central

  • "... OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) ― Residents across the Midwest and the Plains who made it home for Christmas were digging out on Friday after a fierce snowstorm while those who spent the night in airports and shelters tried to resume their journeys. Meteorologists warned that roads across the region remained dangerous.
    The National Weather Service said blizzards would hit parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin through Saturday. The storm had already dumped significant snow across the region, including a record 14 inches in Oklahoma City and 11 inches in Duluth, Minn., on Thursday.

    *Duluth ended-up getting over 24 inches as of 7pm (December 26th of 2009)
    Christmas 2009 Blizzard / Duluth MN, from
  • Winter Storm: 8-10 Inches of Snow, 2 Deaths ,Updated: 12/25/2009 12:14 AM | Print | Email By: Michelle Knoll & Becky Nahm

  • "Thursday night, eight-to-ten inches of snow had already fallen in parts of the state, and that could double before the storm ends.
    Meteorologists say Faribault had 8 inches early Thursday morning. Minnetonka had 7 and Chanhassen had a little over 6.
    There was more than 5 inches of snow at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.
    The storm was being blamed for two deaths. The Minnesota State Patrol says 60-year-old Margaret A. Buckley of Eau Claire, Wis. lost control of her Toyota Camry on an icy road in Renville County at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Her car spun across the center line and was broadsided by another vehicle...

  • Roof Collapses in Part of Maplewood Mall , Updated: 12/26/2009 1:16 PM | Print | Email By: Michelle Knoll

  • "The aftermath of the winter storm is being felt in the Twin Cities.
    The Vice President of Shock Cellular in Maplewood Mall tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS a large piece of drywall dropped 25 feet and fell on the kiosk Saturday morning. He believes it was due to heavy snow on the roof.
    No one was injured, but Chad Capp says if it had dropped a half hour later it would have landed on an employee.
    No cell phones were damaged and the store did open for business Saturday."


    Pre-Winter Christmas Eve Storm (Dec. 23rd 10') Roof Shoveling

    *see Sal's Roof Shoveling
    "These pictures above were taken before our 6" Christmas Eve Storm on December 23rd of 2010

    Post-Winter Christmas Eve Storm (Dec. 25th 10') Roof Shoveling

    Contact me (Sal) to schedule an appointment about a "possible" (certain roofs can be shoveled with my long "Avalanche" rake shovel) roof shovel project. $10 extra/hour for special services (e.g. climbing on the roof) and 15 cents charge/mile to and from headquarters (East St. Paul).
    *see Craig's List Ad

    Pay Rate: $40/hour, which 10% will go into a local non-profit "charity" organization to battle poverty!

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  • Ice dams causing problems for metro area homeowners, By Jeffrey DeMars Updated: 12/22/2010 7:47:58 PM

  • "HOPKINS, Minn. -- Heavy snow and ice caused the Metrodome's roof to collapse just more than two weeks ago. Now, it's creating ice dams, which can cause serious damage to homes and give homeowners headaches.
    The Ice Dam Company out of Hopkins simply cannot keep up with demand. They are booked as solid as the ice that currently is frozen on several metro area homes.
    "All of my calls today, they are saying 'this is an emergency. I need it done today, my house is leaking," said Nikki Wakal with the Ice Dam Company.
    The ice dams didn't necessarily sneak up on anybody. You can find them everywhere, but it's the leaking which has forced people to call in.
    With Wednesday's temperature in the 30s, it's doing enough melting to kick-start what appears to be quite a year for snow and ice removal services.
    And at 300 bucks per 10 feet of ice, it's going to cost you if you want a professional to take care of it safely, rather than risk getting up on the roof yourself.
    "It hurts to spend the money before you have water coming into your ceiling, I know that I totally get that, when at the same time you have to wait a number of days which some people do now to stop that leaking it's pretty heartbreaking," said Steve Kuhl with the Ice Dam Company.
    Heartbreaking too, that you can't just do the job yourself. Experts say if you do not have the appropriate equipment, you can do more harm than good.
    Climbing on top of a roof with two feet of snow on top of it can not only damage the roof, but you could injure yourself. People have died while attempting to clear roofs on their own.
    The experts have all of the harnesses and equipment to do the job safely.
    "It's a question of risk versus reward and frankly I think that often times it would be better to spend a few hundred dollars to risk your body and we have had clients fall and hurt themselves and it's a real serious thing," Kuhl said.
    Ice dam removal businesses have had so many calls, they'll be working through the holidays to try to keep up with demand.
    (Copyright 2010 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.) "

    Homeowners Beware: Ice Dams Could Cost You December 23, 2010 9:02 PM
    "The problem is called ice dams, which form at the edge of roofs when the snow melts and refreezes. It is a type of problem homeowners want to address right away. If they don’t, they could be looking at some expensive home repairs.
    WCCO-TV employee Sonya Goins experienced the problem firsthand when melting snow and ice seeped into her kitchen. She will have to pay to fix the damage as well as pay to get rid of the source of the problem, the ice.
    So, preparing this year’s Christmas meal will be a bit of a challenge for Sonya Goins.....
    his people are melting ice on 30 homes a day.
    It’s a service that can be a little pricey — typically hundreds of dollars.
    "I’m looking at like $300,” said Goins. “Plus, I have to paint now and sand the wall down, so it’s adding up.”
    Savings can be found if homeowners are willing to add their roof to the list of areas to shovel.
    There are a few items that could help control those ice dams so homeowners don’t have to call a professional.
    "Heated Roof Coils," which cost $40 to $50, go up on the roof and melt the ice.
    Also, "Roof Melt Pellets," which cost $23, are small salt pucks that can be thrown on the roof.
    Both are much cheaper than the alternative."

  • New Roof and Ice Dam Prevention - One Family's Story, from
  • Roof Snow Removal | Ice Dams | Minneapolis Roof Snow Removal |Roof Raking MN, from
  • Snowboarding at St Paul Battle Creek Hill on Dec 27th 2010

    "Sorry about my glove finger as I'm snowboarding (never fell!!) covering most of the beautiful view of this great recreational area for all season round...
    *see Xtreme Sports-Skateboarding, Snowboarding, etc...

    Video Falls from Sled at Battle Creek Hill in St. Paul, MN

    "My niece drops the digital video camera as we went down the hill, but we capture "live" audio of people having fun. This is at Battle Creek Hill in St. Paul, Minnesota during my vacation visiting family. "


  • Sun Ray Shopping Center (Saint Paul, MN)

  • "One of the first suburban-style shopping centers built in the City of St. Paul. Anchored by a TJ Maxx and Valu Thrift Store, along with a new addition (2004/2005) with Cub Foods and Michael's Arts and Crafts. Was formerly anchored by a JCPenney which closed around 2005 after 30+ years in the shopping center. "
    Centro Property
    "Location Located 2.5 miles west of I-694/I-494 on the northwest corner of I-94 and McKnight Rd. "

    -Hardware Store

  • Sun Ray True Value, 373 Pedersen St St Paul, MN 55119-4412
  • Transportation


    Oct 2006 #261 EB at Battle Creek

    "Fall colors excursion Mpls to LaCrescent runs by East of St Paul by CP St Paul Yard. "

    -Light Rail

    Alternative 8: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Managed Lane from St. Paul-Minneapolis to Wisconsin on I-94




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